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IITJEE 2020 Course
2 Year
Class Size
1 hour 50 min
Class Duration

The Regular Classroom Courses (RCC) was launched in 2006 and within a span of 12 years, has become one of the most sought after courses for IIT aspirants. The course was earlier called Extended Classroom program and the results of the course have been very heartening and bear testimony to VMC's commitment to giving the best possible guidance and learning environment to its students.

The Regular Classroom Course (RCC) is an extension of the Founders' Classroom Course (FCC). The RCC follows the exact pedagogy and quality of facilities as are offered to our Founders' Classroom Course (FCC) students. All Classes in RCC are conducted by a team of highly experienced faculty (Mostly IITians and Ex-VMC students) who teach under the guidance of Vidyamandir's reputed Founders' Classroom Course Faculty.

Like our Founders' Classroom Course (FCC), the Two-year Regular Classroom Course (RCC) for IITJEE 2021 comprises of a thoroughly comprehensive package which combines all the three parts of VMC's time tested strategy that has been producing IITJEE rankers for over 20 years -

Course Structure

  • Phase 1 -This module covers the topics in all three subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Maths for Class XI. This module forms the foundation for the subsequent modules of FCC. All the fundamental topics are covered in a lucid manner so as to ensure that the student finds it easy to understand the basics for all the topics.
  • Phase 2 – This module covers the topics relevant for Class XII. The Topics covered in Phase 1 are covered in greater detail along with the applicative questions and other IITJEE oriented question formats. Advance topics are also taught to the students as per the requirement of the IITJEE. The module also covers the Class XII course topics so that the students can excel in there Board Exams as well along with IITJEE
  • Phase 3 – VMC's flagship revision module which covers all the topics of Phase 1 and Phase 2 to ensure that the student can revisit all the important concepts, formulae etc in the minimum possible time. It's the perfect tool to what your two-year long preparation.
  • The Regular Classroom Course students appear for the same Class Tests and Test Series as our Founders' Classroom Course Students and will get their performance analysis as well as relative ranking across all students enrolled in Vidyamandir for IITJEE 2021 Courses.

    Duration : April 2019 to March 2021
    Eligibility : Students presently in Class X
    Locations : Jaipur
    Fee : ₹ 2,80,000/- (plus taxes) for admissions in Oct 2018
    Admission Criterion : Admissions to this program are made through Vidyamandir's National Admission tests.
    Note : Class duration may vary according to class size.

Study Material

VMC provides its students with a set of study material that has been scientifically prepared to ensure comprehension of even the most difficult topics. It includes well designed layouts, innovative explanations, simple examples and other research-proven techniques of study material presentation. Every key concept is explained using carefully chosen questions with stepwise solutions which explain the core application of the concept.

The study material covers every aspect of each topic and is completely self-sufficient. So much is our confidence in our study material, that we consciously ask our students to rely solely on VMC material, and not consult any other book or guide. We regularly upgrade our course material with appropriate modifications to meet the changing pattern and syllabus of the IITJEE every year.

The course comprises of study material on all the three subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) in the form of modules. Each module contains chapters, divided into three parts, as explained below.

  • Detailed Theory Portion: This part explains the core concepts in a very simple and easy manner and helps in building a strong foundation for VMC students.
  • Solved Examples & In-Chapter Exercises: This part illustrates the applicability of the theoretical concepts. Accurate and thorough explanations are provided to ensure students internalize the core concepts. Each step in the solved examples is carefully and systematically explained, to show students how to attempt a particular problem.
  • Objective Worksheets: There is comprehensive set of question banks at the end of every chapter. These question banks are scientifically categorized based on difficulty level, type, previous years, application based / theory based etc. The questions covers all typical problems and many other fresh problems based on the latest trends in IITJEE.

Two years of arduous preparation boils down to doing well on that all important day of the IITJEE exam. The very nature of this exam instils a lot of pressure in students and hence it is very important to build the right examination hall temperament so that students can tackle pressure, surprises and create dynamic exam-management strategies quickly. Hence testing, assessment and frequent mock examinations form the core of VMC's pedagogy.

Class Tests are conducted regularly in the class to assess the understanding of the topics by the students. Many of these would be in the form of Surprise Quizzes, so that students are forced to be regular in their preparation.

The Test Series, held at regular intervals, simulate the pattern and timing of the actual IITJEE and are held at multiple Test Centres providing a real Exam-like experience to the students. These are national level tests taken by our students across India and the ranks achieved in these test are good indicators of what ranks can be expected in the IITJEE.

Students are given extensive practice on all possible question formats. These include MCQs, assertion-reasoning, comprehension based, match the column and other innovative question formats.

The most important aspect of testing process is through analysis of performance and benchmarking with the best performers. VMC's Analytics and Reporting engine provides very high level of analytics, benchmarking reports and even diagnostics after each test. It gives a snap-shot of the strength and weakness in the various subjects and topics, over a period of time. Moreover, personalized and advanced reports like Test Analysis Reports help a student evaluate the various factors which impact his/her performance. They help the students to know where they stand and the mistakes they have made as compared to other students of the same level.

Below is a small preview of the various reports, benchmarking and analysis our VMC Students get.

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