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Three years Foundation Course
3 Year
Class Size
1 hour
Class Duration

This course is for student who would be going to Class X and beginning their journey towards JEE Advanced, Main, AIIMS, NEET and other Engineering / Medical entrance exams. The key to success in Engineering basic fundamentals and concepts. In this course, not only will a student start building a strong foundation, but it will also give the student enough time to learn and practice these core concepts as the course is spread over a longer duration which makes the learning process smoother and stress free, resulting in better outcome.

Additionally, since the preparation begins early, the course also completes early giving the student more time for mastering Advanced concepts and problems, which are a must for success in JEE Advanced/ AIIMS/ NEET and other exams. In the course, the Time advantage accorded also opens opportunities for additional learning and exam avenues like NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY and other prestigious examinations, Specialised preparation is undertaken for these exams and proudly, almost all students outperform their peers in schools and these specialised exams.

Course Structure

  • This is a 3 year Classroom Course for students who would be starting their Class X.
  • The Course starts in April 2019.
  • In the first year, focus will be on building the basic foundation in core concepts and fundamentals in Science and Maths required for success in JEE Advanced, Main, AIIMS, NEET AND other Engineering/ Medical entrance exams, Additionally, we will be working on developing the analytical and reasoning ability of the students, which plays a critical role in attaining success in competitive examinations. Specialised focus and classes will be conducted for exams like NTSE, Olympiads and KVPY, for boosting confidence and achieving success.
  • Class Xth Course and foundation concepts will be taught and completed by October 2019, beyond which studies for main stream Engineering or Medical Preparation would start.
  • Once the main stream preparation starts, students will be taken through our regular, time tested and result oriented approach towards Engineering / Medical entrance exams covering Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics / Biology.
  • Besides Classroom sessions & comprehensive Study Material, Online test Series will be provided to students. This will help in assessing and improving their performance, besides introducing them to the pattern of the competitive examinations.
  • After successful completion of the first phase, based upon the merit list drawn up on the basis of performance will be directly enrolled into the various two Classroom courses.
Program Duration : April 2019 to March 2022
Eligibility : Students presently in Class X
Locations : Jaipur
Fee : ₹ For Admission taken in JAN.FEB,MAR (2019)
Class X : 70,000/- (plus taxes)
Class XI & XII : 3,00,000/- (plus taxes)
Admissions from Apr - Jun 2019 would be at an increased fee due to increased Fee in the new financial year
Admission Criterion : Admissions to this program are made through Vidyamandir Classes National Admission Test.
Note : Class duration may vary according to class size.

Are you in class IX or X, Planning to become an Engineer/Doctor and Struggling with this Question?

Should prepare for JEE MAIN,JEE ADVANCED, AIIMS, NEET and Other Engineering/Medical Entrance Exams ?

Given the intensity of competition in todays time, an early start is indespensible. Ideally, one should start the preparation for Engineering/Medical entrance exams while in class IX but in case you could not, it is advisable for you to start preparing from class X.There are many advantages of starting early.

Course Structure

  • There is a significant rise in the complexity and quantity of the course curriculum of class XI as comapred to class X and IX. A determined, passionate and hardworking student has a lot of time to spare in Class X or IX, which if preparation for Engineering/Medical entrance exams are ON, is put to correct use.Starting preparing early helps you develop the right pace and temperament, which is extremely necessary for success.
  • An early START is an early END.You will finish your course for the Engineering/Medical entrance exams early and leaves you with plenty of time to go through the various patterns and combinations of questions asked in the examination.Knowing the concepts and fundamentals is one thing, but then putting them to use while solving the questions,which typically will be very complex in exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, AIIMS & NEET is an art which has to be mastered.Early start gives us that precious time to master this forte.
  • Early start would allow you to see the various exams and understand the testing patters of competitive exams.An early start enables you to practice more questions and would enhance your comfort level in various Engineering/Medical entrance exams.
  • Starting early, you would be able to spread the entire course over a linger duration, thereby having more time for detailed and deeper understanding of the concepts.All this would help you in effective and efficient utilization of time.
  • Early start would also open opportunities for additional learning and exam avenues like NTSE, Olumpiads, KVPY and other prestigious examination.

In nutshell, clearing Engineering/Medical entrance exams require you to thoroughly understand the core concepts and practice rigorously.Our 3 year and 4 year Foundation courses have been so designed that they cater to the needs of such earlt-starters who wants to take the lead by starting early and benefot from the advantages and merits of these courses.

Start Early.....Be ahead in the race

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