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Four years Foundation Course
4 Year
Class Size
1 hour
Class Duration

This course is for student who would be going to Class IX and beginning their journey towards JEE Advanced, Main, AIIMS, NEET and other Engineering / Medical entrance exams. In this course, we will first work on building a strong foundation, working on the analytical and reasoning skills.

Since the preparation begins early, the course also completes early giving the student more time for mastering Advanced concepts and problems, which are a must for success in JEE Advanced/ AIIMS/ NEET and other exams. In the course, the Time advantage accorded also opens opportunities for additional learning and exam avenues like NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY and other prestigious examinations, Specialised preparation is undertaken for these exams and proudly, almost all students outperform their peers in schools and these specialised exams.

This course is a natural extension of our 3 Year classroom Course, which within its first year of inception in 2011, has become immensely popular among the Engineering aspirants.Like our 3 Year course, this course also aims at building sound foundation for fundamental concepts in mathematics & Science.

In short, the course offers a win win proposition to the student with the student getting help for school preparation, competitive exams and also developing the right skill set to tackle IIT-JEE/AIIMS/NEET and other Engineering/Medical exams.

Course Structure

  • This is a 4 year classroom course for students who would be staring their class IX.
  • The course starts in April 2019.
  • In the first year,analytical and reasoning skills are our focus, together with the building the basic foundation in core concepts and fundamentals in science and Maths required for success in JEE Advanced, Main,AIIMS,NEET and other Engineering/Medical entrance exams.Additionally we will be working on developing the analytical and reasoning ability of the students, which plays a critical role in attaining sucess in competitive examinations.Specialised focus and classes will be conducted for exams like NTSE, Olympiad and KVPY, for boosting confidence and achieving success.The preparation for JEE Advanced, Mains, AIIMS,Neet and other Engineering/ Medical entrance exam starts from this phase only.
  • In the second year, the students will move to our 3 Year Course,which will further strengthen the fundamentals concepts and would also introduce the primary concepts of Engineering/Medical entrance preparation.This well spaced course structure helps the student to approach the exams in a stress free manner and improves the probability of scoring better.Preparation for the mainstream Engineering/Medical entrance would begin at this stage only.
  • In the third and fourth year, the student will move to our flagship 2 tear course - comprising of Phase 1 (Class XI), Phase 2 (Class XII) and the final step (The revision Course).
  • Students will be tested at regular intervals through 3 Hour Review Tests, Test Series, Online Chapter Tests etc to judge the understanding of the concepts.Promotion to successive years is strictly based on the performance in Tests.
Program Duration : April 2019 to March 2023
Eligibility : Students presently in Class IX
Locations : Jaipur
Fee : ₹ For Admission taken in JAN.FEB,MAR (2019)
Class IX : 60,000/- (plus taxes)
Class X : 70,000/- (plus taxes)
Class XI & XII : 3,00,000/- (plus taxes)
Admissions from Apr - Jun 2019 would be at an increased fee due to increased Fee in the new financial year
Admission Criterion : Admissions to this program are made through Vidyamandir Classes National Admission Test.
Note : Class duration may vary according to class size.

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